My friend, Theodore Minick and his family recently suffered a small tragedy. His wife was snared by the police state and is being held away from her husband and two daughters for up to 90 days due to some sort of unpaid fine. She is the breadwinner of the family, and it will be difficult for them to make ends meet, let alone ransom their wife and mother from the gulag.

Accordingly, he has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help bail her out and pay the family’s bills in the mean time. I hope some of you excellent and charitable ladies and gentlemen will help out a fellow voluntaryist.

Theodore is a real person and his circumstances are legitimate. This is not some ploy by dishonest people to milk your money. That I can vouch for.

For libertarians and anarchists, these are the times we must band together to save our fellows from the clutches of the state; or, if not being able to save them, at least cushion the blow.

For all decent and compassionate people, here is a young family in a desperate situation calling out for aid. Even a few spare dollars can make a big difference to them, as 100% of the donated money goes right to Theodore.

Please consider donating, even if it’s just a buck or two. And pray that this family be speedily reunited.