Last year’s Lego Movie was pegged by many people (including me) as having a noticeably anti-authoritarian theme and surprisingly subversive undercurrents for what is ostensibly a kid’s comedy: the evil President Business with his monopoly corporatist empire, the cops were the bad guys, an arguably positive depiction of anarchy in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and so on.

I try not to read too much into things like this, but sometimes my eyebrows notch a little higher and I hum thoughtfully to myself. Today is one of those days.

Check out this video revealing the newest Lego Modular Building, a charming 1930s film noir style private detective’s office. Stick with it and pay attention, you will hear something surprising.

That’s right. It’s not just a 1930s film noir detective office, it specifically has a prohibition and smugglingtheme in it. In this case, they’re not smuggling booze, but cookies and pastries and other sweets. You see, a law has been passed in Lego land a law has been passed banning these things, because the Minifigs are getting too fat. “But,” says the Lego designer, “We actually like the size of the minifigures so we’re smuggling some candy”.

Clever and unexpected, no?

OK, so that’s just this particular building, because it’s got a prohibition era theme. Right?

Actually, today I received a free model while shopping at the Lego store, and it’s got nothing to do (in theory) with this set. It’s a small flower cart, the kind a vendor selling flowers on the sidewalk would have. Lo and behold, hidden in a secret compartment in the cart are a couple of Lego cookies.

I think that’s delightfully subversive.